Unhealthy housing

At a basic level, building owners are responsible for providing a structurally sound and healthy living environment and occupants are responsible for managing their use of the building so that they do not end up living in unhealthy conditions.

When assessing unhealthy premises, the City of Hobart must consider whether the premises are so unhealthy that no person can safely occupy them, or whether the premises are in a condition that is, or is likely to become, offensive, injurious or prejudicial to health.

We do not determine the cause of the unhealthy conditions, but observe and record the conditions to assist in determining the health impact, and then make recommendations based on that information.

If an issue can’t be dealt with under the Public Health Act 1997, we may also consider whether the nuisance provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 (such as an Abatement Notice under section 200) or provisions of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 should be used.

Unhealthy housing can include:

  • hoarding
  • refuse
  • mould.

If you have an issue regarding hoarding and refuse on a neighbouring property or mould in a rental property you can let us know by completing the form online. A printable form is available on our forms page.