Risk and Audit Panel

The Risk and Audit Panel was established by the Council at a meeting in December 2015. It is responsible for the effective application of its responsibilities in accordance with Section 85, 85A and 85B of the Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (Audit Panels) Order 2014 (S.R. 2014, No.34) as well as the application of its Terms of Reference and the Local Government Act 1993 generally.

The Panel’s objectives, authority, composition and tenure, roles and responsibilities, reporting and administrative arrangements are set out in the Terms of Reference: Terms of reference - Risk and Audit Panel(PDF, 527KB)

The Local Government (Audit Panels) Order 2014 (S.R. 2014, No.34) sets out the compliance requirements for the operations of the Risk and Audit Panel.


The Risk and Audit Panel consists of an independent chairman, two independent members and two Aldermanic members.

The Risk and Audit Panel members are:

  • Ms Frances Hall (Independent Chairman)
  • Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Burnet
  • Councillor Harvey
  • Mr Frank Barta (Independent Member)
  • Mr Wayne Davy (Independent Member)

Meetings are to be held at least quarterly.


In accordance with Section 85A of the Local Government Act 1993, the Panel is to undertake reviews of performance in relation to:

  1. The Council’s financial system, financial governance arrangements and financial management arrangements;
  2. All plans of the Council under Part 7 of theLocal Government Act 1993(the strategic plan, long-term financial management plan, financial management strategies, long-term asset management plans, asset management policies and strategies, annual plan, annual report);
  3. The policies, systems and controls the Council has in place to safeguard its long-term future; and
  4. Any other matters specified in an order under Section 85B of the Local Government Act 1993 (Local Government (Audit Panels) Order 2014).