Poultry and livestock

Domestic poultry

You can keep poultry in the Hobart municipal area provided:

  • they are kept at least 6 metres away from any dwelling and at least 1 metre away from a fence or boundary
  • the structures, buildings, enclosures or areas that the poultry have access to are maintained in a clean and sanitary condition

  • they do not cause a nuisance through smell, noise, rodents, flies or drainage

  • the owner takes all necessary steps to prevent any nuisance that may arise as a result of the keeping of poultry.

 For more information, view the Environmental Health By-Law.


If you want to keep a rooster in the Hobart municipal area, you must have written permission from all the occupants within 300 metres of where the rooster will be kept.

Horses, pigs and other livestock

Horses, pigs and other livestock may be kept on land if you have a permit.

You can apply for a permit in writing to the General Manager. When applying for a permit, please provide details of the location and circumstances of how the animal(s) will be kept.

Application to keep livestock (Environmental Health By-law permit)


If you are experiencing a nuisance from poultry, roosters or any livestock from a neighbouring property please complete the general complaint form.