Recreational water

Long beach on a sunny day in Hobart

Public swimming pools and spa pools

Public swimming pools and spa pools are regulated under the Recreational Water Quality Guidelines.

These guidelines require owners to:

  • maintain a logbook that records the water quality information and the number of people using the pool each day
  • maintain records of microbiological water sample results
  • take water samples each month and submit them to the Public Health Laboratory for testing.


The water at our swimming beaches is regularly tested over the summer period.

Testing from previous years shows that most of our recognised beaches are suitable for swimming. These include Long Beach and Nutgrove East and West. Beaches at Cornelian Bay and Marieville Esplanade are not recommended for swimming and there are permanent signs at these beaches to advise the public. All swimmable beaches should be avoided after heavy rainfall.

For the latest water quality results visit the Derwent Estuary Program website.

More information

Public Health Act 1997 - Recreational Water Quality Guidelines 2007

If you have any complaints or queries about the water quality of public swimming pools, spa pools or beaches in Hobart contact us on 03 6238 2711.

If you have any complaints regarding water quality of rivulets or stormwater contact us on 03 6238 2886.