The City of Hobart is committed to maintaining a safe, clean and attractive city and we remove graffiti on infrastructure that we manage and own. We believe that cleaning up graffiti quickly is the most effective way to prevent further graffiti.

We give priority to removing offensive or obscene graffiti, and aim to have this removed within 24 hours of it being reported. Other instances of graffiti are removed as soon as possible.

To report graffiti within the Hobart municipal area, please:

Arrangements can be made to remove graffiti on private properties that join with our serviced areas, such as a reserve, footpath or roadway, but we do need cooperation of the building owner.

NB: it may not be possible to remove graffiti from all private infrastructure due to technical difficulties involving the type of building materials. This includes sandstone, heritage buildings, damaged surfaces, and areas more the 2.4 metres above ground level or outside of the City of Hobart municipal area.

To report graffiti or vandalism of other public property, please contact:

Fact sheets

The City of Hobart has developed PDF fact sheets on graffiti management and community murals and street art.