Huon Road safety improvements for mountain cyclists


The City of Hobart is further improving road safety on Huon Road for cyclists, motorbike riders, motorists and local residents by shoulder sealing a 350 metre section of the road.

Roadworks are scheduled to begin on Monday 16 October and should take four weeks to complete.

One lane of this section of Huon Road will be closed to traffic between 7 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday, to allow for the roadworks to be carried out safely.

Traffic management will be in place during roadworks to ensure the safety of all road users, with both lanes open to traffic outside of roadwork hours and on weekends. 

Why is this project important?

Huon Road is a popular route for road cyclists making their way up into the foothills of Wellington Park and for mountain bike riders wishing to access bushland mountain bike tracks managed by the City of Hobart.

This project will make this section of Huon Road safer for cyclists and motorbike riders by sealing gravel shoulder edges, and will give other vehicles more space to safely overtake cyclists heading uphill.

It also builds on roadworks completed in August 2021 further up Huon Road that created safer road conditions by sealing road shoulders and creating a section of separated cycle lanes.

This project is being funded by the City of Hobart and the Australian Government's Black Spot Program.