Other development permits and approvals

Other permits and approvals

In order for development to be undertaken, a number of permits and approvals issued by the City of Hobart are required.

Approvals process

  1. Planning
  2. Condition endorsement
  3. Building and plumbing
  4. Other development permits and approvals

Below are is a list of commonly issued permits and approvals for development activity. A full list of permits issued by the City of Hobart can be found on our permit applications page, including those which you may need to operate a business or occupy a public space (such as outdoor dining in a public space).

There may also be other permits and approvals you require from third parties in order to carry out your development or operate a business, so the list below is not exhaustive.

Further information on the process for strata scheme approvals and subdivision can be found on our stratas and subdivisions page.

Parking and traffic

Contact: City Mobility unit

Application Reason

Application for road closure

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 86KB)

To use part of a public street for construction works, a special event or to leave a skip bin – only required if impacting trafficable lanes

Application to occupy and/or carry out works on a highway

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 102KB)

If you would like to occupy part of a street or footpath in order to carry out work

Various applications are available, depending on the circumstances

View all permit applications

If you need to make special arrangements for parking in metered or unmetered spaces, loading zones or in a pedestrian mall


Roads and stormwater

Contact: Roads and Capital Works unit

Application Reason

Application to occupy and/or carry out works on a highway

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 102KB)

If works will involve the excavation of the surface of any part of a public street, nature strip or footpath – including for a new or upgraded stormwater connections done by private contractors

Application to construct public infrastructure

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 103KB)

Construction of roads and/or stormwater infrastructure which will be transferred to the City of Hobart

Application for vehicle movement

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 58KB)

If you need to drive on a footpath, nature strip or kerb and gutter, where there is no crossover or driveway


Stormwater - specific

Contact: Stormwater unit

Application Reason

Application for consent under s.13 UDA & s.73 BA

Note: Usually this will be identified & granted through planning (CEP) and/or plumbing applications

Works over or close to the public stormwater system may require specific consent under the Urban Drainage Act and Building Act

Request to install stormwater service connection

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 50KB)

If a new or upgraded connection is required to the public stormwater system and you would like the Council to do those works (at your cost)

Application to work in a watercourse or riparian zone

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 60KB)

If works will alter the bed, banks or flood plains of a water course; constructing any structure or otherwise obstructing the flow of water in a watercourse or its flood plain; carrying out any earthworks, removing any vegetation or allowing any livestock to graze or remain within the riparian zone or bank of a water course

Application for restricted access

Apply by email

If works require access to the Hobart Rivulet where it runs through central Hobart and down to Macquarie Point, which is considered a confined space


Public spaces (parks and reserves)

Contact: Open Space Planning unit

Application Reason

Application to undertake works in a park or reserve (public space)

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 84KB)

If works in a public space (other than Wellington Park) are required

Application for vehicle access in a park or reserve (public space)

Online form

Paper form(PDF, 76KB)

If the development site is adjacent to a park or reserve and you need to park or drive on that land