Bees and wasps

Please refer to the Health and Environmental Services Amendment By-Law.


A person may keep a maximum number of bee hives specified in column 2 on land of size specified in column 1.

        Land Size (m2)       Maximum Number of Bee Hives
 <400 0
400 - 1000 2
1000 - 2000 5
 2000 - 4000 10


A person must not keep more than the maximum number of bee hives specified in sub clause 1 without the written permission of the General Manager.

A person keeping bee hives must ensure: i. The provision of a good and sufficient water supply on the land which is readily accessible by the bees on the land; ii. Each bee hive is located near a screen or other barrier so as to prevent the bees flying less than 3 metres over a thoroughfare, public place or adjoining land.

A person must not keep bee hives within 3 metres of a property boundary.

Collection of bee swarms

If you are experiencing a nuisance issue with bees from a neighbouring property please complete the general complaint form at the bottom of this page.

Removal of bee swarms by an experienced beekeeper prevents the need to use pesticides. The Tasmanian Beekeepers Association has a list of beekeepers who can remove a swarm of bees.

View the Tasmanian Beekeepers Swarm Collection information.


We do not remove wasps from private properties. If you have an issue with wasps, we recommend that wasp nests are removed by a pest control specialist.

If you find a wasp nest on City of Hobart property (such as a playground or park but not bushland reserve) please contact us on 03 6278 0200.

General complaint form

Click here to view form.