Sustainable Hobart

Sustainable Hobart

The City of Hobart understands the importance of being a sustainable city that considers its economic, social and ecological footprint as it moves into the future.

This means Hobart:

  • cultivates the wellbeing of its population
  • acts on climate change
  • tackles waste management
  • invests in sound governance, resource and asset management
  • protects the unique natural and built environment.

Climate change is one of the most pressing sustainability issues of our time. It is happening now. Heat waves, droughts, floods, bushfires, coastal erosion and inundation are some of the threats already affecting our communities more regularly and with greater intensity. Extreme weather events are putting pressure on our local economies, health systems, built and urban infrastructure, ecosystems and food production systems which will have a long-term impact on our communities.

The City of Hobart is paving the way, becoming the first council to commit to act on climate change in 1999 and was the first capital city council throughout Australia to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency in June 2019.

Recognising that action on climate change is a shared responsibility between all levels of government, communities and the private sector and that everyone has a role to play, the City of Hobart is committed to finding practical and effective ways to address climate change issues and improve energy use within the Hobart municipal area. It working collaboratively with the community and southern Tasmanian councils to share knowledge, act to minimises potential risks, reduce emissions and take advantage of the opportunities that arise out of changes in the climate.

View the City of Hobart Climate Summary 1999-2019(PDF, 2MB)