Rate notices

Your annual rate notice shows the total rates due for the current financial year. It also includes the breakdown of the charges, including: 

  • General Rate

  • Stormwater Removal Service Rate

  • Waste Management Service Charge

  • Food Organics Garden Organics Service Charge 

  • Landfill Rehabilitation Service Charge

  • a one-off bin charge if a house has been erected on vacant land to cover the cost of the bin.

The annual notice also shows the Fire Service Rate. This is not a charge by the City of Hobart. The City is required to collect this revenue on behalf of the state government and it is passed onto the Tasmania Fire Service.

Some properties are entitled to a rebate of one or more of these charges due to the service not being provided to the property. If this is the case the rates notice will first show the charge and then the rebate of that charge. 

If you do not receive a food organics garden organics service the Food Organics Garden Organics Service Charge will not appear on your rates notice.

If you are entitled to a pensioner discount on your property it will be shown on your rates notice.

Get your rate notice via email

To receive your rate notice by email, send your property address, property number and a contact phone number to rates@hobartcity.com.au from your preferred email address.


BPAY View sends your rate notices straight to the same online bank you use to pay them. You can find out more about BPAY View from the BPAY View webpage