Collins Street bikeway

Collins Street bikeway photo

The City of Hobart is developing detailed designs to install new bike lanes along Collins Street between Molle Street and Murray Street, connecting to the Hobart Rivulet Park corridor.

Through streetscape and safety improvements we can support people to ride along this important corridor, creating a vibrant street for people which supports future development.

When people have safe options to walk or ride as well as drive they have the freedom to choose how they move.


In recent years, the City has completed the Hobart Rivulet Park corridor which provides a valued connection between kunanyi/Mount Wellington and the edge of the CBD for people walking, riding bikes and scooting. Extending this corridor along Collins Street will create a link between the mountain and the river.

Developing the designs has been jointly funded by the Tasmanian Government through a Better Active Transport for Greater Hobart grant and the City of Hobart.

Project area

Collins Street bikeway

Collins Street between Molle Street and Murray Street.

How will the new bike lanes work?

We are currently still in the design phase but the new lanes will be installed using adjustable infrastructure. This makes it quicker and cheaper to install and allows us to monitor, seek community feedback and identify any changes needed before we make the design permanent.

This may include line marking, signage, bollards and other temporary materials that can be quickly installed and adjusted as required during the life of the project.

Why Collins Street?

People use a mixture of transport options to move around. To make sure that there are safe and efficient routes for everyone to move on we prioritise some streets for different modes.

Some roads have more vehicle lanes, higher speed limits and traffic signals prioritised to get cars from A to B. Others prioritise the safety of pedestrians with lower speed limits and pedestrian crossings getting more share of the green lights. Some corridors have lanes for cyclists to provide safe routes to navigate the city away from the busy car priority roads.

Completing cycling facilities along Collins Streets is a key action identified in the City's Central Hobart Plan and the Greater Hobart Cycling Plan. Collins Street has also been identified as a strategic cycling corridor in the Inner Hobart Transport Network Operations Plan.

Next steps and engagement

A detailed design is expected to be completed by July 2024, with input from key stakeholders. Subject to Council approval and securing additional funding, it is expected to be installed in late 2024 and be completed by 2025.

The adjustable infrastructure will remain in place for up two years with ongoing community engagement, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure it is functioning safely. Adjustments may be made during this phase before more permanent infrastructure is rolled out.