Upcoming business opportunities

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The City's upcoming business opportunities schedule is provided for information only and is subject to change at the Council's absolute discretion.

The City of Hobart gives no commitment that a future tender identified will actually proceed.

To ensure you receive notification of these and other future business opportunities you must be registered on Tenderlink.

Goods, services and minor works


Title Qtr Anticipated Advertising
Panel of Providers for Consultancy Services Q1
Request for Exclusive Café Beverage Supply Offer (Excluding Coffee) - Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre Q1
Panel of Providers for the Supply of Signs and Associated Items Q1
New Year's Eve Fireworks Display Q1
Maintenance and Responsive Services - Plumbing Q2
Maintenance Services - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Q2
Gutter Cleaning to Council Buildings Q2
Personal Mobility Device Hire and Ride Services Q2
Supply of Coffee and Lease of a Commercial Coffee Machine including Maintenance and Installation - Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre Q2
Panel of Providers for Supply of Horticultural/Fungicides, Chemical and Plant Protection Q2
Inspection Services - Prescribed Features and Measures for Council Buildings Q2
Cleaning Services for Council Owned Buildings Q2
Security Services Q2
Standing Contract for the Provision of Temporary Personnel Q2
Comprehensive Maintenance of Lift Services Q3
Panel of Providers for Carpentry and Associated Services Q3
Maintenance & Responsive Services - Electrical & Fire Q3
Supply of Compostable Waste Bags Q4
Standing Contract for the Supply and/or Delivery of Aggregate Q4