Noise and light

Noise is unwanted sound that can come from many different sources in your neighbourhood: things like loud music, machinery and equipment.

Noise can affect health and wellbeing, particularly when sleep is interrupted. Some effects of noise include stress, annoyance and tiredness. The experience of noise is individual, so it is important to consider your own perception of sounds that annoy or disturb you.

Noise regulations

The noise regulations only deal with noise impacts that affect residential premises.

The noise regulations do not apply to noise that is emitted by the operation of any equipment or machine carrying out work that is required for:

  • public health and safety
  • the provision of emergency services personnel in emergency situations
  • the safety and security of plant and equipment in emergency situations.

Find out more at Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Noise) Regulations 2016 


Noise Limit Guidelines(PDF, 256KB)  

Guidelines for Managing Trail Bike Noise(PDF, 96KB)

Guidelines for Assessing Noise Nuisance(PDF, 118KB)

Noise Construction(PDF, 973KB)

Noise Nuisance(PDF, 708KB)

Noise Residential(PDF, 1MB)