Annual Community Satisfaction Survey

Annual Community Satisfaction Survey

The City of Hobart conducts Community Satisfaction Surveys annually to help us understand how satisfied people are with the services we provide and what is important to people.

The feedback we receive in the surveys helps us to better understand where and how we need to improve and inform our future direction and planning. They also provide information that allow benchmarking of our performance year on year and compare to other local governments' performance.

2023 survey

The annual Community Satisfaction Survey for 2023 took place in November 2023.

A sample of Hobart residents were asked to participate in the survey. The survey provided an opportunity for Hobart residents and ratepayers to provide feedback on their satisfaction with the services and facilities that we provide and issues that they believe are important in the local community at the moment.

Community feedback is very important to us, and we appreciate the time taken by respondents to do the survey.

A report and analysis of the results of the survey is underway, a summary of the results will be published on this page in March 2023.