Climate Ready Hobart

Climate Ready Hobart

Working together for our living city

We are working with the community to build a Climate Strategy for Hobart.

The strategy will outline the priorities and actions we need to take as a city and a community to reach our goal of being a climate ready Hobart.

It will be built on evidence and have the input and support of the community.


Get involved

We invited everyone who lives, works, studies and plays in Hobart to help shape our strategy for a climate ready future.

Your Say survey

We asked you to help us better understand what you are already doing and what the barriers are to making changes to reduce your emissions. You shared your ideas about what we can do as a city and a community on a Your Say Hobart survey.

Your Say Hobart

Hobart Climate Assembly

The assembly was made up of 33 people representing the diversity of the Hobart community. They worked together over two weekends to identify solutions that represent the community's priorities.

Hobart Climate Assembly

What does a climate ready Hobart look like?

Zero emissions


  • transforming transport – walking, cycling, electric cars and bikes, micro-mobility options, and electrified public transport
  • going electric – installing electric appliances (heat pumps and heat pump water systems, induction cooktops, electric ovens), solar panels and battery storage, and trialing new community renewable energy solutions
  • retrofitting homes and business to be thermally efficient rather than replacing whole buildings
  • zero waste by recycling, reusing, and composting all organic waste
  • reducing the amount emitted during the construction of new buildings and infrastructure (embodied carbon).

Natural systems restored

Our bushlands, wetlands and urban green spaces are protected and restored to better absorb carbon, increase biodiversity, and withstand climate shocks.

Climate resilient

We are prepared for a changed climate and more frequent and severe weather events. We understand what the modelling tells us about possible future scenarios.

Everyone working together to take action

We enable everyone who wants to act to put in place climate solutions. We work with existing community leaders. We encourage collaboration across all sectors and levels of government. We connect local action to the global movement.

Equal access to climate solutions

We ensure there are opportunities for everyone to make low emissions choices and vulnerable communities are not further disadvantaged by climate impacts. We encourage new jobs, livelihoods and training in the low emissions economy.

Why we need change

Hobart breathes. We are a living city – for people and nature. But climate change is impacting Hobart now with sea levels rising and more extreme weather events, bushfires, floods and heatwaves.

It threatens our community, particularly the most vulnerable. It is also a catalyst for change. The faster we shift to zero emissions, the sooner we can enjoy the benefits. We already know many of the solutions that can reduce living costs, create jobs, and improve air quality, health and wellbeing.

The City of Hobart has declared a climate and biodiversity emergency and is committed to being a climate leader alongside our community for current and future generations.

What we do now matters. Together we can make a difference.

How we are collaborating

To develop the Climate Strategy we are engaging with the community in three main ways:

  1. Since April 2023, we have been working with climate leaders, researchers and experts to gather the evidence, data and possible solutions for Hobart.
  2. We invited the community to have their say through surveys, face-to-face conversations, workshops, and a public panel throughout November to December 2023.
  3. Over two weekends in early 2024, the Hobart Climate Assembly came together to discuss the draft Climate Strategy and the findings of the community consultation. The assembly was made up of 33 people, representing Hobart's diverse community to ensure that the City of Hobart's next Climate Strategy represents the community's priorities. They put forward recommendations to the City's Elected Members.