Lost or stray animals

Losing your pet can be a scary experience. The best thing you can do is make sure your pets are identifiable through a collar with your name and contact details and microchipping.


Make sure your dog is currently registered and wearing the registration tag, so that it is returned to you as quickly as possible. (View more information about registering your dog.) 

When an animal management officer picks up a dog with a registration tag, every effort is made to return the dog to its owner. If your dog cannot be identified it is taken to the Dogs' Home of Tasmania

Below is a list of contacts that you should call if you lose your dog or cat: 

City of Hobart Animal Management Unit 
03 6238 2182 (business hours)
03 6235 4237 (after hours) 

Dogs' Home of Tasmania (Dogs only)
101 Scotts Road Risdon Vale 
03 6243 5177 

RSPCA shelter
Pass Road Mornington
03 6244 3033

Your local vet.


Stray livestock such as horses, goats and sheep on the road can pose a risk to both the animal and the public, particularly in a busy built up area.

If you see any livestock on the road or in a public area please contact our Animal Management Unit on 03 6238 2182.