Lost or stray animals

Realising your pet is missing can be a stressful experience so make your pet easily identifiable by ensuring the microchip details are kept up to date and that your dog is wearing a collar with a current Council tag attached.

Lost or stray dogs

When City of Hobart’s Animal Management Officers find a stray dog wearing a current Council registration tag, every effort is made to contact the owner before the dog is taken to the Dogs' Homes of Tasmania. View more information about registering your dog.

If your dog is missing or you have found a stray dog contact the City of Hobart or alternatively take the stray dog to a vet.

City of Hobart Animal Management Unit 

Phone: 03 6238 2182, Monday-Friday, 8.15 am to 5.15 pm

Phone: 03 6292 4205, after hours

Members of the public sometimes take a stray dog directly to the Dogs' Homes of Tasmania so you may also call them to see if your dog has been taken there.  

Dogs' Homes of Tasmania

Phone: 03 6243 5177

Email: hobart@dhot.com.au

Dogs' Homes of Tasmania website

Address: 101 Scotts Road, Risdon Vale  

Lost or stray cats

Ensure your cat is microchipped and confined to your property by keeping it indoors or within a spacious outdoor cat enclosure.  A collar on your cat with your contact details on it may also prevent well meaning members of the public taking your cat to the Ten Lives Cat Centre or a vet.

If your cat is missing you can report your lost cat to the Ten Lives Cat Centre or alternatively contact:

Ten Lives Cat Centre

Phone: 03 6278 2111

Email: info@tenlives.com.au

Ten Lives Cat Centre website

Address: 12 Selfs Point Road, New Town

Always remember to keep your pet’s microchip details up to date with the company the microchip is registered with, as many strays are taken to a vet by members of the public for scanning of the microchip details in order to locate the owner.


Stray livestock such as horses, goats and sheep on the road can pose a risk to both the animal and the public, particularly in a busy built up area.

If you see any livestock on the road or in a public area please contact our Animal Management Unit on 03 6238 2182.