Midtown expanded outdoor dining

Midtown expanded outdoor dining

The City of Hobart expanded outdoor dining areas in Midtown will remain in place for a further 2 years. This will also include the uphill bike lane.

The decision follows mostly positive feedback from both the community and traders and will allow these spaces to continue while we work towards developing the vision for Elizabeth Street outlined in the approved Central Hobart Plan. The Plan sees Midtown as part of a vibrant city centre and proposes open space improvements.

We anticipate the work to develop, consult and deliver the Elizabeth Street plan will take at least 2 years.


The City engaged Midtown businesses and other stakeholders over two years to develop the Midtown Streetscape Concept Design. This plan was endorsed by Council in December 2020.

The City of Hobart installed the Midtown Expanded Outdoor Dining Trial in 2021 for an initial 12-month period. It was supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Ready for Business Program.

This pilot aimed to provide the opportunity to learn how increased outdoor dining space can contribute to city life and support hospitality businesses in Hobart.

The temporary spaces provide an opportunity to test and refine the concept on the ground with a low-cost, reversible solution before implementing a more significant streetscape upgrade.

Each site has a 'host' business which will have a permit to occupy the space for trading, during their operating hours. Host businesses are Island Espresso, The Stagg, Grinners Dive Bar and Rude Boy. Outside of the hosts' operating hours, the areas and seating are part of the streetscape and are available for all to enjoy.

The outdoor dining platforms have been co-designed with local hospitality businesses who are participating in the program.

Midtown expanded outdoor dining

Community consultation 

The community survey on the trial received more than 700 responses which were overwhelmingly positive. 74% were either happy or very happy with the trial.

We also invited the 112 business and property owners located in the area to provide their feedback through an online survey. Of the 18 responses received, 39% of respondents confirmed they had positive impact on their business income. 33% a negative impact, and 28% no impact.

Most respondents agreed that the trial improved pedestrian safety and slowed traffic, provided a 'positive vibe', and encouraged people to stay longer.

Refresh, upgrades and maintenance 

The City of Hobart will refresh all the outdoor furniture installations and undertake improvement works, including:

  • The existing timber seating will be sanded and resurfaced.
  • The current plantings will be refreshed and wicking bed systems will be installed in all planter boxes.
  • The stormwater 'spouting' effect on the eastern side near 'The Knife Shop' that occurred during heavy rainfall be addressed.

We have also committed to the upkeep and ongoing maintenance of the plantings and public furniture while they remain in place.

  • Our staff will carry out monthly water cell top-ups and maintenance of the planters and wicking bed systems.
  • Given the growth in increase in the night-time activities economy in Midtown, in the trial area we will also work with our cleansing team to seek to enhance the morning cleaning regime in the area.

Give your feedback

You can provide feedback on the extended trial through the Your Say survey.

You can also view the summary of the previous business and community engagement as well as the parking study on the Your Say page:

Your Say Hobart