Planning scheme amendments

The planning schemes controlling development in the City of Hobart are amended periodically.

Advertised amendments

Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015

PSA-20-2 Amendment – vehicle parking at 321-323A and 325 Elizabeth Street and 16A Lefroy Street

The above planning scheme amendment has been certified in accordance with section 35 of the former provisions of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.

The amendment proposes to modify the use table of the Inner Residential Zone to allow for vehicle parking as a discretionary use, only if at 321-323A Elizabeth Street, 325 Elizabeth Street, or 16A Lefroy Street, North Hobart. 

The amendment and supporting documentation are on display at the City of Hobart Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street Hobart or can be viewed below.

Representations in relation to the proposed amendments may be made by any person or body in writing, addressed to the General Manager, City of Hobart, GPO Box 503, Hobart 7001, or by email to by 18 March 2021.

Initiated Instrument of Certification and Amendment Document(PDF, 102KB)

Report to Council(PDF, 11MB)

Council Minutes(PDF, 196KB)

Additional Landowner Consent Forms(PDF, 1MB)

Recently determined amendments

Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015

PSA-19-1 Amendment – Amenity Standards in the Central Business and Commercial Zones

The Tasmanian Planning Commission gave final approval to the above amendment which came into operation on 19 November 2020.

The amendment proposes amenity standards relating to noise, access to daylight and natural ventilation, open space, storage and waste storage and collection for developments (primarily residential and serviced apartments) in the Central Business and Commercial zones.

The amendment can be viewed below, or at the City of Hobart Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Hobart. A copy of the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015 is available at and was amended on 19 November 2020.

Approved amendment(PDF, 467KB)

TPC decision(PDF, 369KB)

Guide for making amendments

To help the community understand Hobart's planning system, the City of Hobart has prepared a guide outlining the process of making amendments to a planning scheme.

The Scheme Amendment Guide explains how to apply for an amendment to the planning scheme including the information required to support a request for any change.

Copies of the guide are available free of charge through the Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart or as downloadable documents:

A guide to making requests for Planning Scheme Amendments(PDF, 1MB)