Lodging an appeal

As an applicant, you can appeal a planning decision, either because your application was refused or it has conditions that you disagree with.

As an objector who lodged a representation to an application, you can also appeal if you are unhappy with a decision.

Appeals are lodged with the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal (RMPAT, or the Tribunal).

More information, including the fees for lodging an appeal, can be found on the Tribunal's website.


The Tribunal provides mediators to assist parties to negotiate an agreed outcome to an appeal rather than going to a full appeal hearing. The mediation is confidential between the parties involved and the mediator.

The majority of appeals to the Tribunal are mediated and don't go to a full hearing.

 Appeals against the Tribunal decision

If you are unhappy with a Tribunal decision, you may appeal to the Supreme Court but only on a point of law. You must do so within 28 days of the Tribunal making the decision. This is detailed under Section 25 of the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal Act 1993.