City of Hobart Volunteer Recognition Awards

Still Gardening volunteer

Each year the City of Hobart invites all community organisations that operate in the Hobart municipal area to nominate for a Volunteer Recognition Award.

Volunteers from each nominated community organisation are invited to a Volunteer Recognition Reception to receive an award on behalf of all volunteers in their organisation.

To receive notification of the next volunteer recognition event please contact the Community Programs team via email or phone 03 6238 2100.

2021 Reception

A Volunteer Recognition Reception was held in the Hobart Town Hall on 19 May 2021 to publicly celebrate the valuable contribution made by volunteers to our community. Over 90 volunteers representing 47 organisations received certificates of appreciation from the Lord Mayor.

List of organisations

A list of all organisations that were represented by their volunteers at the 2021 Volunteer Recognition Reception is provided below in alphabetical order.

A - E

Abruzzese Association of Hobart

Number of volunteers: 16

The Abruzzese Association of Hobart provides opportunities for members to share their culture and heritage, and to maintain links of Italians of Abruzzese descent with others in the local community and in the rest of the world.

Volunteers assist with a variety of functions that provide opportunity to converse in the Abruzzese dialects and eat traditional food. They also do advocacy work and provide general support for members of Abruzzese descent.

Army Museum of Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 30

Army Museum of Tasmania is a repository for Tasmanian military memorabilia, conserving and preserving Tasmania's army history.

Volunteers assist with a range of tasks including cataloguing and collection identification, conservation and maintenance, display preparation, creation of educational material, photography, research, and tour guiding.

Australian Red Cross

Number of volunteers: 1300 state-wide

The Red Cross MATES program supports people with Mental Health struggles to find meaningful friendship and community.

Volunteers provide meaningful social connection for people living with a mental illness and who are socially isolated.

Australian Wooden Boat Festival

Number of volunteers: 400

The four-day Australian Wooden Boat Festival is the largest celebration of wooden boats and maritime culture outside of Europe.

Volunteers are essential to the smooth running of the Festival. They are the venue managers, spruikers, information booth representatives, decorators, boat drivers, donation collectors, liaisons, and food preparers.

BreastScreen Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 17

BreastScreen Tasmania is a population-based screening program for eligible women to screen for the early detection of breast cancer.

Volunteers advocate for clients, provide peer support, prepare food and drinks, assist with administration and community education, and are often present for many hours until the last client has gone home.

Canadian Association of Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 70

The Canadian Association of Tasmania has been meeting predominantly for Canadian related celebrations - sharing friendship with the Tasmanian community, Canadians, and friends of Canada.

Volunteers have assisted with High Commission and Consulate events, the 10 Days on the Island festival, Red Cross and Christmas Appeals, and Hobart City Council’s location and relocation of Canadian Monuments.

Cancer Council Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 500

Cancer Council Tasmania is a charity working to minimise the incidence and impact of cancer on all Tasmanians through state wide support, cancer prevention education, advocacy and research.

Volunteers provide support to those dealing with cancer, drive patients to and from appointments, assist with fundraising, educate the local community, assist at various community events, and support the retail shop.

City of Hobart – Bushcare

Number of volunteers: 700

City of Hobart Bushcare is a community-based environmental program that actively helps regenerate Hobart’s bushland and clear out invasive weeds.

Volunteers make invaluable contributions towards planting and weeding, track maintenance, and teaching others about Hobart’s special bushland.

City of Hobart – Mathers House

Number of volunteers: 60

Mathers House is the City of Hobart’s positive ageing space.

Volunteers contribute to a welcoming café by preparing meals, waiting on customers and providing music. Volunteers also facilitate various activities as part of the seasonal programs.

Community Transport Services Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 400

Community Transport Services Tasmania provides door-to-door community transport for the elderly as well as younger people with disabilities to enable them to remain connected with their community.

Volunteers drive the vehicles to pick up and transport community members, delivering over 170,000 trips across the state every year.

COTA Tasmania (Council of the Ageing)

Number of volunteers: 35

COTA Tasmania is the peak body representing older Tasmanians and is passionate about advancing the rights and interests of Tasmanians as they age.

Volunteers are active in a wide range of roles including peer education, IT support, policy advice, board membership, and event support.

ENE World

Number of volunteers: 100

ENE World aims to connect new migrants with local people and communities in Australia through various events and workshops.

Volunteers have assisted with event management, ticket sales, marketing, check-in, cleaning, as well as free volunteer recruitment for local organisations and the community.

F - M

Food Plant Solutions

Number of volunteers: 40

Food Plant Solutions creates science-based educational materials that explain what nutritional food is in order to empower people so they can knowledgeably choose what plants to grow to feed themselves and their families.

Volunteers assist with the Fresh Food for Families program that provides gardening workshops about growing and eating nutritious food for new Tasmanians, migrants, and refugees.

Friends of the Theatre Royal

Number of volunteers: 30

Friends of the Theatre Royal support the arts in Tasmania by preserving the history of the Theatre Royal and encouraging diverse community to enjoy the productions at Australia's oldest, continuously working theatre.

Volunteers run tours of the Theatre and conserve artefacts from past productions.

Hobart Bike Kitchen

Number of volunteers: 20

Hobart Bike Kitchen is a not-for-profit group of people who love bikes and who have been sharing their passion by running Sunday afternoon bicycle maintenance sessions for over 10 years.

Volunteers do everything – they welcome everyone, identify solutions to problems, find the right bike or parts, and show people how to use tools and fix their own bike.

Hobart City Mission

Number of volunteers: 450

Hobart City Mission offers assistance to those who need it most by providing emotional, physical and financial support and guidance.

Volunteers assist with customer service in the op shops, administrative tasks, fundraising, and driving trucks and vans for various programs.

Hobart Police and Community Youth Club

Number of volunteers: 30

Hobart Police and Community Youth Club provides positive sporting, recreational, educational, social, and cultural programs at low cost in a safe environment for “at risk” youth and the broader community.

Volunteers assist the operation across many areas including cleaning and maintenance, administration and finance, mentoring, activity instruction, and as part of the learner driver program.

Hobart VIEW Club

Number of volunteers: 16

The Hobart VIEW Club is a women’s organisation strongly committed to helping disadvantaged Australian children succeed at school and reach their potential.

Volunteers assist in schools, support the Toy and Book Appeal, participate in mentorship programs, and carry out fundraising activities.   

Hutchins School

Number of volunteers: 1000

The Hutchins School is an Anglican day and boarding school for boys from pre-kindergarten to Year 12 with a long tradition of nurturing character.

The school engages in vast array of community service ventures including fundraising, tree planting, rubbish collecting, and working alongside refugees and agencies such as the Smith Family and Salvation Army.

Lifeline Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 400

Lifeline Tasmania is committed to programs and services that save lives and build emotional well-being and resilience towards a Tasmania free of suicide.

Volunteers play a vital role in suicide awareness and prevention. They volunteer as telephone crisis supporters and Op-shop staff, as well as visit, call, or drive participants on a weekly basis to ensure connection, friendly conversation and socialising.

Make-A-Wish Australia, Hobart Branch

Number of volunteers: 25

Make-A-Wish Australia brings amazing people together to grant life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness.

Volunteers assist by raising awareness, conducting fundraising activities, supporting local families, and helping capture a sick child’s true wish and bring it to life.

Maritime Museum of Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 100

The Maritime Museum of Tasmania aims to promote an understanding of the maritime heritage of Tasmania through research, interpretation and presentation.

Volunteers perform all the necessary functions required by a modern museum including welcoming visitors, hosting groups, administrative tasks, and curatorial, research and collection management.

Mental Health Families & Friends Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 25

Mental Health Families & Friends Tasmania provides support and advocacy to the friends and families of someone with mental ill health.

Volunteers sit on interview panels for mental health services staff and participate on the Board, in oversight committees, and in various working groups. They also speak about their experiences to raise awareness of issues in the mental health sector.

Mission to Seafarers Hobart Station

Number of volunteers: 24

Mission to Seafarers Hobart Station provides a place of safety, relaxation and comfort to visiting seafarers, away from the steel box which is their workplace for many months.

Volunteers provide care to seafarers and help them to communicate with their families.

Multiple Sclerosis Limited

Number of volunteers: 200

Multiple Sclerosis Limited is the home of comprehensive support for neurological conditions.

Volunteers provide client and carer support via phone calls, face-to-face groups and online groups, and assist with various administrative tasks.

N - S

New Town Community Association

Number of volunteers: 50

The New Town Community Association works to preserve, share, and improve the community and history of the suburb of New Town.

Volunteers maintain a Facebook page and website, organise regular meetings, solicit feedback from community on topics of concern, liaise with local government, and organise various community activities.

Pakistani Cultural Society of Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 25

The Pakistani Cultural Society of Tasmania promotes cohesion among the resident communities of Tasmania and advocates for diversity, communal harmony and inclusion.

Volunteers help new residents settle in Tasmania, provide career and mental health counselling, and organise various events to counter the anxieties caused by the global pandemic.

Polish Association in Hobart (Polish Welfare Office)

Number of volunteers: 30

The Polish Welfare Office is a specialised service provider delivering support services to older members of the Polish Community, younger persons living with disabilities, and their carers and families.

Volunteers are involved in providing transport, assisting with meal preparation, assisting with social and craft activities for older persons, advising on committees and sub-committees, and help keep culture and language alive for clients.

Print Radio Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 80

Print Radio Tasmania is a community radio station that provides a reading and information service for people who find it difficult to access and read printed material.

Volunteers prepare material for broadcast, do live newspaper readings and announcements on air, edit audio programs, design and produce programs, set up home studios, and conduct interviews.

Rotarians Against Malaria

Number of volunteers: 10

Rotarians Against Malaria is a volunteer-run organisation working to eliminate malaria around the world and educate Tasmanians about the dangers of malaria.

Volunteers host annual events to raise awareness and funds for their Asia Pacific partners.

Rotary Club of North Hobart

Number of volunteers: 38

The Rotary Club of North Hobart is committed to the objectives of Rotary and to the concept of ‘Service above Self’.

In the past year, volunteers have provided ongoing club service, community service, vocational service, youth service, and international service, partnering with many local organisations in the process - including a number of nursing homes in Hobart.

Royal Australian Air Force Association – Tasmania Division

Number of volunteers: 250

The Royal Australian Air Force Association – Tasmania Division is an ex-service association that provides opportunities to veterans, serving members, and their family and friends, to attend events and social activities.

Volunteers operate the social facilities and provide bar services for association functions and community groups who use the space.

Save the Children Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 10

Save the Children Tasmania works to protect children’s lives, and advocates for child rights, striving to ensure every child gets the best start in life.

Volunteers provide emotional support and information to families and children in our community, encouraging strong parent and child relationships, and helping to link families with their communities.  

St John Ambulance

Number of volunteers: 30

The St John Ambulance – Party Safe Division aims to provide both first aid and medical care as well as a harm minimisation approach around drug and alcohol use to patrons at events.

Volunteers provide first aid and medical care to patrons at waterfront nightclub areas. They also provide hydration, safe sex packs, and referral to support services.

State Emergency Service - Southern Region General Response Unit

Number of volunteers: 60

The State Emergency Service – Southern Region General Response Unit provides emergency management services to the Greater Hobart area and is the primary responder to storm and flood emergencies.

Volunteers perform public safety roles, provide storm and flood response, assist Tasmania Police and the Tasmanian Fire Service, and perform other miscellaneous emergency management related matters.

Still Gardening Program

Number of volunteers: 60

The Still Gardening Program assists older people to stay active in their gardens across Hobart and Glenorchy and to stay independent at home.

Volunteers work one-on-one with older people in their own gardens for an hour or two every one or two weeks. They have a chat while they work together on jobs like weeding, planting and pruning.  

Surf Life Saving Tasmania – Southern Clubs

Number of volunteers: 2300

Surf Life Saving in Tasmania is a volunteer based not-for-profit community service association and is the key agency for beach safety in Tasmania.

Volunteers have been integral in the organisation, planning and delivery of the annual Surf Safari where the Derwent River comes alive with the best endurance athletes and lifesavers displaying their skills across a range of courses.

T - Z

Tasmanian Masters Athletics

Number of volunteers: 20

Tasmanian Masters Athletics promote participation in athletics for people over 30 years of age so that athletic activities can be enjoyed in a non-judgmental environment and at an affordable cost.

Volunteers facilitate the running of athletic meets for members, communicate club information, purchase equipment and uniforms, manage club finances, report to governing bodies, and support community athletic events.

Tasmanian Muslim Association

Number of volunteers: 20

The Tasmanian Muslim Association promotes religious and social activities for the Muslim communities in Hobart Tasmania.

Volunteers actively help with cooking, cleaning, COVID-19 safety control, and the organising of various events.

TasTAFE (Adult Migrant English Program)

Number of volunteers: 25

The TasTAFE Adult Migrant English Program is a free service to help eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants with low English levels to improve their English language skills and settle into Australia.

Volunteer are tutors that assist eligible migrants who cannot come to group classes for various reasons. Volunteers also assist teachers in the classroom and maintain teaching resources at the TAFE library.

Ten Lives Cat Centre

Number of volunteers: 400

Ten Lives Cat Centre is Tasmania’s largest cat shelter dedicated to caring for and rehoming the unwanted cats and kittens of Southern Tasmania, as well as improving feline welfare and encouraging responsible cat ownership.

Volunteers perform a variety of roles in animal care, administration, creativity, Op Shop retail, foster care, driving, and are part of the Edu.Cat schools team.

Tennis Tasmania – Hobart International Tennis Tournament

Number of volunteers: 200

The Hobart International Tennis Tournament is the premier women’s only lead-in tournament to the Australian Open, bringing world class tennis to the Tasmanian community whilst broadcasting Tasmania to the world.

Volunteers provide essential services such as welcoming patrons, servicing corporate clients, and looking after the players – a key reason players comment on the friendly welcome they receive and their love for returning to Hobart.

The Art Society of Tasmania

Number of volunteers: 150

The mission of the Art Society of Tasmania is to provide encouragement, support, and inspiration to members and fellow artists through a rich and comprehensive program of exhibitions, workshops and social events.

Volunteers assist with the monthly exhibitions and workshops through various roles including hanging works, setting up the gallery, taking bookings, and maintaining a website and social media presence.

The Australian International Youth Association

Number of volunteers: 800

The Australian International Youth Association serves as a bridge for internationals who are willing to participate in volunteering by connecting them to local businesses and organisations that need support with their events.

Volunteers have a diverse range of skills that they bring to any event such as design, IT, management, retail, media, and community service.

The Colour Circle

Number of volunteers: 9

The Colour Circle is a community association that supports and encourages local adult artists - beginners and experienced - by conducting classes with experienced tutors who are professional Tasmanian artists.

The Colour Circle is run by a committee made up entirely of volunteers that organise the classes and workshops for members and public to attend. During the Covid-19 lockdown, volunteers kept in contact with members by conducting a weekly art challenge and sending out emails and newsletters.

Waimea Heights Primary School

Number of volunteers: 10

Waimea Heights Primary School is a Kindergarten to Year 6 school of around 390 students in Hobart with the values of Learning and Achievement, Integrity, Social Responsibility, and Diversity.

Volunteers work tirelessly in a classroom environment to assist teachers with their planned outcomes. The regular volunteers have gained student respect and friendship in the classes that they’ve worked in.

West Hobart Neighbourhood Watch

Number of volunteers: 50

Neighbourhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program which aims to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood by discouraging preventable crime and promoting closer community ties.

Volunteers sit on the coordinating committee, distribute a monthly newsletter to every home in West Hobart, and raise funds for local schools, charities and national disaster relief.

Zonta Club of Hobart

Number of volunteers: 8

Zonta International is a worldwide service organisation whose aim is to empower girls and women through service and advocacy at an international, national, and club level.

Volunteers make and distribute breast cushions to women recovering from breast cancer surgery. The club actively advocates against issues where women and girls are disadvantaged through Government and other service providers.