Building an inclusive community

Social inclusion is about recognising the basic right of all citizens to participate socially, culturally, economically, physically and politically in the community.

A detailed description of our goal for social inclusion is in the City's Social Inclusion Strategy.

Social Inclusion Strategy

The City of Hobart is committed to:

  • recognising that diversity in the community is one of its greatest assets
  • acknowledging that all individuals and communities have strengths, and building on them through a whole-of-community approach
  • ensuring that the needs and aspirations of the most disadvantaged people in the community are addressed with other key stakeholders
  • understanding and being informed about the community
  • engaging the community as identifiers of community needs and aspirations and participators in the responses
  • identifying and understanding the root causes of disadvantage and giving priority to supporting early intervention and prevention approaches
  • promoting and providing equity and access to all our activities, programs, facilities and services
  • ensuring our practices, policies and procedures actively build social inclusion and do not contribute to social exclusion
  • using a whole-of-organisation approach to address the barriers that exclude people from full participation in community life through the implementation of the Social Inclusion Strategy.

Social inclusion role

There is no single approach that will build social inclusion in the community. Everyone has a role to play, including all levels of government, the community services sector, business and the community itself. The City of Hobart is ideally placed to identify and respond to opportunities and issues as we are the level of government closest to the community. Our role in social inclusion can be defined in the following ways:

Leadership          Hobart has a unique role as the capital city and regional hub. Many people who live outside of the municipal area look to the City of Hobart as a key driver in addressing social issues. 
Advocacy  There are many issues and opportunities where the City of Hobart can use its voice to advocate for outcomes that will benefit all. 
Management  The City of Hobart has a key role in the strategic planning, development and management of land, infrastructure and facilities in order to benefit the community. 
Connection  The City of Hobart has a lead role in bringing people and organisations together and establishing relationships in order to achieve community outcomes. 
Informing  The City of Hobart as an organisation has access to a vast array of information, is a collector and source of information for the community and has a vital role in raising awareness on issues.
Facilitation  The City of Hobart is in a unique position to be able to provide a broad range of support to facilitate innovative community-based initiatives that respond to local need, and may include delivery of services when there is a clear need and a lack of capacity in the community to provide the required service.


Areas of activity

Community Engagement and Participation  Encouraging community involvement and civic participation and valuing diversity. 
Vibrant Places  Providing spaces and linkages that support community interaction and enhance celebration of arts and culture. 
Affordable Living  Encouraging a mix of housing, homelessness assistance and food provision. 
Effective Transport Supporting connected transport networks that enable people to be part of community life. 
Community Safety Ensuring our community is strong and safe. 
Economic Participation Supporting education and employment pathways for the whole community. 
Health and Wellbeing Encouraging healthy connected lifestyles.