LGBTIQ+ Commitment

The City celebrates the contributions that LGBTIQ+ individuals and communities make to our municipality and the commitment aims to demonstrate how we continue to support these communities to be proud, visible and responsive to the challenges they face.

LGBTQI+ Commitment 2021-23(PDF, 671KB)

The LGBTQI+ Commitment supports the delivery of Hobart: A city for all - Community Inclusion and Equity Framework.

A note on terminology used in the commitment

Language used to describe LGBTIQ+ people and communities is evolving and changes across time. Importantly there is no singular LGBTIQ+ community, but a diverse range of people, identities and experiences. In this commitment we have chosen to adopt the language and terminology used in the Tasmanian State Government's Whole-of-Government Framework for LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians (as of July 2021).