Great short walk rejuvenation

The City of Hobart is rejuvenating the iconic Organ Pipes and Pinnacle tracks on kunanyi/Mount Wellington.

The overall objective is to provide a 2–3 hour walk suitable for people with some bushwalking experience and of average fitness.

The walk is along a historic track through the sub-alpine environment, and provides spectacular views of Hobart and the Organ Pipes.

The work on the tracks was outlined in the January 2016 strategic proposal entitled One Mountain, One Destination, Three New Visitor Experiences Wellington Park – One Mountain(PDF, 10MB) .

Stage 1 of the project, the Organ Pipes Track, was completed in June 2017. The Organ Pipes track will be open to the public from 15 July until works re-commence in Spring. Sections of the track have been surfaced with local gravel. While fresh and after rain, this can be muddy and slippery. This will settle and compact over time.

Stage 2 will focus on the Pinnacle Track and will begin in Spring 2017.

With over 80 years of continual use, the track has lost much of its original surfacing dolerite soils due to the combined effects of foot traffic, runoff, frost heave and mass movement of talus. 

Due to concerns about the condition and safety of the track expressed by members of the community and user groups, the City of Hobart is committed to undertake essential repairs.

Guiding the project has been the Wellington Park Management Trust’s management policy, advice and recommendation that: The design should be sympathetic to the style and construction techniques used in 1931, including maintaining a rustic bushland feel’.

The new works will use the same style, techniques and materials as the original works and will be carefully blended in with the existing track and surrounds.

The rejuvenated track will provide for easier walking, while retaining a natural bush feel and heritage values.