Neighbouring developments

You will be notified of a proposed development on the adjoining property if the application is discretionary.

For discretionary applications, we need to undergo a statutory notification period of 14 days, according to section 57(1) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (LUPAA) and section 9 of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Regulations 2014.

Statutory notification includes:

  • a notice in the local newspaper

  • notices put up at each public frontage of the land

  • notices to each adjoining owner and occupier of the land.

All advertised applications can be viewed on our advertised applications page.

The applications can also be viewed at our Customer Services Centre on the corner of Davey and Elizabeth Streets, Hobart.

If you have an issue with the proposal, you have 14 days from notification to lodge a representation and object to a planning application.