The City of Hobart is established and operates under the Local Government Act 1993 and is responsible for enforcing other Tasmanian acts and regulations and creating its own by-laws.


All Tasmanian legislation can be accessed from the Tasmanian Legislation page.

Links to the Tasmanian Legislation pages of other Acts that we operate under are listed below.


The relevant regulations that we follow can be accessed from Tasmanian Legislation.


The five City of Hobart by-laws due to expire in 2018 are currently under review.  Comment on the following draft by-laws – Public Spaces, Infrastructure, Car Parks, Environmental Health and Waste Management, which can be found at the Your Say Hobart website,  can be made in writing to the General Manager or through Your Say Hobart by 14 July.

The Council can create by-laws to manage, regulate or control various activities within the city. There are currently six by-laws which address:

  • matters of health and environmental services
  • parking
  • conduct on the highways
  • conduct in the parks, recreation and natural areas
  • the supply of water, the sewerage system, and stormwater and land drainage
  • the prevention of outside burning including the use of incinerators.

By-laws expire after 10 years unless the by-law states an earlier expiration date.

By-laws from other councils can be found on the Local Government Division page.




Date of commencement

Health and Environmental Services By-Law(PDF, 138KB)

No. 1 of 2008

29 October 2008

Highways By-Law(PDF, 144KB)

No. 3 of 2008

27 August 2008

Hydraulic Services By-Law(PDF, 136KB)

No. 4 of 2008

27 August 2008

Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas By-Law(PDF, 114KB)

No. 5 of 2008

10 September 2008

Salamanca Market By-law(PDF, 87KB)

No. 1 of 2010

26 May 2010

Car Parks and Parking By-law(PDF, 97KB)

Car Parks and Parking Amendment By-Law(PDF, 218KB)

Consolidated version of the Car Parks and Parking By-Law(PDF, 200KB)

No. 2 of 2008

No. 1 of 2012


20 August 2008

9 August 2012

9 August 2012


Right to Information Act 2009

The Right to Information Act 2009 governs access to information held by government bodies. To make a Right to Information request, download an application form at the Right to Information Act page.