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Older People

It is the City of Hobart's policy to lead the way towards achieving a diverse, yet harmonious environment where older people can feel valued and respected for their knowledge, life experiences, skills, stories, history, creativity and wisdom.

The City provides and facilitates a range of programs and activities that support and encourage positive ageing in Hobart. The main focus of its Positive Ageing program is on the provision of activities at Mathers Place, 108 Bathurst Street, Hobart.

Mathers House and Criterion House - 108 Bathurst Street - Hobart 7000 


The City of Hobart provides Mathers House and Criterion House as places for activities and programs for a range of people, with a focus on older members of the community.

Tourists and visitors of all ages are welcome to attend the facilities also.

The houses provide a warm, welcoming, cheerful and safe environment along with a wide range of social, recreational, cultural and educational activities.

Criterion House comprises the Flower Room Co-operative, the Catholic Women's League office and shop, Goodstart Early Learning Centre and the Nell Pascoe Room.

Low cost meals are provided each weekday at Mathers House.   

Mathers House and the Nell Pascoe Room facilities are available for hire and the Forecourt outdoor area is also available..

All positive ageing activities are developed in consultation and partnership with individuals, community groups and organisations that have an interest in the health and wellbeing of older people.

Coordinators are employed to manage the two facilities, supported by a dedicated and talented group of volunteers. 

Volunteers are a vital resource for the houses and new volunteers are always welcome to assist with a range of tasks such as cooking, food preparation, tutoring and greeting customers. 


Where are we?

Mathers and Criterion Houses are located at 108 Bathurst Street, close to the Hobart Central Car Park - where the first 90 minutes of parking is free!

 The houses are only two blocks away from the Hobart Bus Mall. The facilities are also close to the Hobart LINC, Bathurst Street Post Office and the city centre.

Mathers House is the first building you see when entering Mather's Lane from Bathurst Street.  Criterion House is the adjacent building on the opposite side of the lane

and is also accessible of criterion Street from Criterion Lane.

What can you do there?

  • Call in and relax with a cuppa, enjoy a light snack or a 'home cooked' meal.
  • Participate in a wide range of activities and seminars.
  • Listen to music.
  • Free access to the Internet (Wi-Fi), and  public computer access.
  • Browse in the One Stop Information Shop which has printed information on services and activities in Hobart for older community members.

What does Mathers Place offer?

There are three separate spaces at Mathers Place that are used for activities and for hiring, as well as a welcoming outside plaza area.

Mathers House - Main Hall

  • A large, sunny, popular room on the upper level, which seats up to 70 people.
  • The place to come and relax, meet friends, read the newspaper and enjoy a cappuccino, tea or hot chocolate.
  • Nourishing 'home cooked' meals are available at reasonable prices from Monday to Friday [Wednesday is light meals only].
  • On Wednesdays, light lunches including soup and sandwiches are available.
  • You might also come across groups playing cards, mah-jong or Scrabble (TM), enjoying a book discussion group or creating watercolour masterpieces.
  • Music is a feature of this area,  with a wide selection of background music to enjoy and on occasions, live music.
  • The facilities are available for hire after hours and on the weekend.

Mathers House - Multi Purpose Room

  • The lower level of Mathers House has recently been upgraded with the addition of an accessible toilet and kitchenette facilities.
  • This area can seat up to 50 people and is often used for meetings, iPad classes, craft work exhibitions, yoga and even Indian Classical and Belly Dancing classes.
  • A modern multimedia system and electronic whiteboard is available for use by hirers of this room.
  • The facility is available for hire after hours and on the weekend.

Criterion House - Nell Pascoe Room

  • Criterion House is the building adjacent to Mathers House, just across Mather's Lane and is home to even more activities.
  • Suitable for meetings for large groups, with seating for up to 70 being accommodated.
  • Kitchen facilities are available for catering and serving of morning / afternoon teas or supper.
  • A modern multimedia system is available for use by hirers of this room.
  • The facility is available for hire after hours and on the weekend.
  • Groups currently using this area include School for Seniors, ukulele lessons, T'ai Chi, Zumba and Broadway Boogie.

Facility hire

Mathers House and Criteron House are available for hire each day during and after business hours and on weekends at very reasonable rates.  Fees are calculated on a casual or regular basis with preference given to community based activities.  

 Information relating to hiring of the facilities is detailed on the links attached below. Call Angela on (03) 62341441 or Mathers House Coordinator

 Conditions of Hire         Conditions of Hire

  Hire Application Form   Hire Application Form

What's happening at Mathers Place now?

The following gives you an idea of the sort of activities which are offered at Mathers Place:

  • Adult Learners' Week activities
  • Seniors Week activities
  • Seminars on issues such as healthy ageing, safety and security
  • Lunch and light refreshments Monday to Friday
  • T'ai Chi
  • Zumba
  • FREE one-on-one computer lessons
  • IPad classes
  • Ukulele lessons
  • Singing group
  • School for Seniors
  • Art classes
  • Broadway Boogie
  • Drumming

Mathers Place is a community space

Do you have ideas for activities for our facilities?  Would you like to provide an activity?  While the City of Hobart provides the facilities and some activities, we are always looking for partnerships and opportunities to work with groups, organisations or individuals.  If your activity fits in with the social inclusion aims of the City of Hobart, we would be keen to talk to you and look at ways in which we may be able to support your activity.

Contact the Mathers/Criterion House Coordinator by:

Telephone (03) 6234 1441

Email:  mathersplace@hobartcity.com.au

Hours of Opening

The facilities are staffed and open for business from 10.00am till 3.30pm weekdays.  Some activities and programs may operate outside these hours.

All positive ageing activities and events are promoted through the City of Hobart's "What's On" newsletter that is produced quarterly. 

You can contact Mathers House to have the newsletter posted or emailed to you,

or you can view it online :



Hobart Older Persons' Reference Group

The Hobart Older Persons' Reference Group (HOPRG) is a group of older people who have an interest in Hobart. 

The group see themselves as 'village elders' and are keen to share their wisdom and to harness the wisdom of others in a respectful way.

HOPRG works to build community and social connectedness for older people both locally and throughout Greater Hobart.

HOPRG's mission is to ensure that the voice of older people is heard, and that older people have the opportunity and are encouraged to be included and engaged in their communities.

 If you are interested in being a member of HOPRG, please contact Danielle Walker on (03) 6238 2772 or email walkerd@hobartcity.com.au

Links for general information

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