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Graffiti Removal

The Hobart City Council is committed to maintaining a safe, clean and attractive city.

Council is responsible for the removal of graffiti on infrastructure managed or owned by Council.  We support a policy of rapid removal of graffiti and believe the most effective way to prevent further graffiti is to clean it up quickly.

Priority is given to offensive or obscene graffiti with our aim to have this removed within 24 hours of it being reported.  Other instances of graffiti are removed as soon as possible.








To report graffiti within the Hobart municipal area, there is a Hotline which is
1800 WIPEOFF (1800 947 363)

Complete our online form

Download the Vandal Trak App


Arrangements can be made to remove* graffiti on private properties that interface with Council serviced areas such as a Council reserve, footpath or roadway but cooperation of the building owner is required.  However, it may not be possible to remove graffiti from all private infrastructure due to technical difficulties involving the type of building materials.

To report graffiti or vandalism of other public property, please contact the relevant agency:

  • Department of State Growth 1300 135 513
  • Australia Post 13 13 18
  • Metro Tasmania 13 22 01
  • Telstra 180 22 44
  • TasNetworks -  1300 13 2007 for Offensive graffiti only OR 1800 WIPEOFF for other graffiti on TasNetworks infrastructure

*We are unable to remove graffiti from sandstone, heritage buildings, damaged surfaces or from an areas more the 2.4 above ground level or areas outside of the City of Hobart municipal area. 

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