Youth Climate Action Fund

Youth Climate Action Fund

Climate change is impacting our lives now.

Youth-led climate action is vital to tackling this crisis and can unlock greater benefits across our city such as reducing costs of living, improving health and restoring nature.

The City of Hobart is committed to working with youth to put in place practical solutions to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergency for current and future generations. It is why we partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies to launch the new Youth Climate Action Fund to empower young people deliver urgent climate change projects in our city.

What is the Youth Climate Action Fund

The Youth Climate Action Fund supports youth-led activities that put in place urgent climate solutions that will help create a climate ready Hobart in the following priority areas:

  • Zero emissions transport and communities
  • Building climate resilience
  • Mobilising community action
  • Keep scrolling for ideas and inspiration climate projects.


Applicants must be one of the following:

  • Youth-led organisation composed of at least three individuals aged 15 to 24 in leadership positions who actively participate in decision making and oversight within the organisation.
  • Youth-serving organisations, while generally led by adults, provide core programs and resources intentionally designed to meet the needs of young people. This includes registered school or registered training organisations.
  • Groups of people aged between 15 and 24 years old auspiced by an incorporated organisation.

Amount: $1500 - $7500

Grant applications are now closed.

Want some ideas and inspiration for your climate project?

We welcome ideas, big and small, that will help us create a climate ready Hobart.

If you want to understand more about how climate change impacts on Hobart read the Background Briefing(PDF, 7MB). You can use this as a reference or justify why you are focusing on a particular problem.

Here are some ideas that address our priority areas:

Zero emissions transport and communities

Activities encouraging people to walk or ride, use e-scooters or e-bikes, take public transport or to take electric vehicles.

  • bike club days to encourage students to walk, run or ride
  • 'greenway' maps that could show safe routes for active travel

Building climate resilience

Activities helping communities to:

  • plan and prepare for extreme weather events
  • build increased knowledge, connection, security and wellbeing in face of a changing climate
  • restore nature such as tree planting, community gardening or composting

Mobilising community action

Activities mobilising others through creative ways to connect, engage and create awareness.

Projects could focus on mobilising wider community action through youth-led climate awareness campaigns, education programs, workshops and hackathons, events and activations, public art projects, action plans, groups and networks, and any efforts to support young people to shape climate policy, planning and decision-making.

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