Council Delegations

Meeting: Finance and Governance Committee

Meeting date: 17 September 2019

Raised by: Alderman Sexton

Question: It is acknowledged that the use of delegations allows Council to respond more effectively to the community and provide for timely, consistent decisions. However, a Council can still choose to exercise a power themselves even after a power has been delegated.

Once a power is delegated, the delegate has the authority to use the power and does not need to seek further approval or endorsement before exercising the power.

Good governance requires that delegations be reviewed annually, or at least on the occasion of a new Council being elected, to ensure that the delegations are still appropriate.

Delegations register:

The Local Government Act requires under section 22 that:

(4) The general manager is to –

(a) keep a register of any delegation; and

(b) make the register available for inspection at a public office.

Is there a delegations policy?

Can a quarterly report be made available to Council detailing the delegations exercised during each quarter?

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