I Am Somebody

I Am Somebody is a multimedia art project facilitated by the City of Hobart's Housing with Dignity Reference Group, in collaboration with Tasmanian documentary audio and photography artists - Helene Thomas and Andrew Wilson. Through podcasts and images it honours the unique stories of five community members and tells of the impacts living without a home has had on all aspects of their lives.

I Am Somebody are true accounts, through their own voices and images, of people who make up the Housing with Dignity Reference Group as well as other community members and their journeys in and out of homelessness.

Podcasts and videos

WARNING - Trigger Alert and language warning

These podcasts contain personal experiences of the participants that include references to drugs, domestic violence and sexual abuse that may be alarming to some listeners. The podcasts also contain language that some listeners may find offensive.


Safe Space

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Tyson's story


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Michael's story



I Am Somebody - Grace

Grace's story


I Am Somebody - Darren

Darren's story


I Am Somebody - Kate

Kate's story


I Am Somebody - Jo

Jo's story


I Am Somebody - Dave

Dave's story