Design of Vehicle Access

Meeting: City Planning Committee 

Meeting date: 19 October 2020

Raised by: Deputy Lord Mayor Burnet

Question: The City of Hobart's HIPS 2015 Planning Scheme states in Clause E6.7.2 - Design of Vehicular Accesses - that the objective is: "To ensure safe and efficient access for all users, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists by locating, designing and constructing vehicle access points safely relative to the road network". However, as the Bicycle Network has repeatedly brought to Council's attention previously, the current IPWEA engineering drawings for driveway crossovers are highly dangerous for people who ride bikes and use small wheeled vehicles. The Type KC mountable kerb (TSD-R14) can be constructed without the dangerous 10mm lip that the current LGAT/IPWEA engineering drawings prescribe, with a much better outcome for bicycles. For uses on driveways where significant numbers of users are likely to be on a bicycle and turning off the traffic lane into an entrance, it is unsafe to not amend the standard requirement to a zero lip or smooth/flush entrance. What is the likelihood that this safety element - to use a 0mm lip on the driveway crossover to developments - could be part of standard requirements for driveways in development applications? Additionally, could the Council take a leadership role to actively work to improve the TSD-R14 standard engineering drawings of LGAT in order to roll out safer conditions for bike riders across the State?






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