InsideOUT logo over an image of Hobart.

Hobart has a talented pool of arts practitioners, but small gallery spaces, suited to solo shows, installations or performative works are limited. Creative Hobart's ongoing purpose is to make creative experiences and opportunities available and readily accessible to all – artists and audiences.

InsideOUT supports this aim by taking the art OUT, but keeping it Inside.

In this program, all works are contained within the Creative Hobart's new public art platform, InsideOUT, comprised of two portable 'cube' galleries, offering a clean, weatherproof, locked space to display creative work of all suitable kinds.

The InsideOUT cubes are solar powered and can also be mains powered (15Amp plug), dependent on site. Cabling is in place and equipment available for ultra short throw projection in locations where mains powered is available. There are options for hanging works and the lighting track offers the option to rearrange lighting in the space. Each of the three windows is openable to support both hanging and temporary performances.

InsideOUT will stay in place for approximately two months and we are scoping suitable sites across the entire municipality of Hobart. 

InsideOUT gallery

A series of images of the first two installations of InsideOUT.

Selected artists

The following two artists were selected for the March and June installations of InsideOUT. A further two artists have been selected for the remainder of 2024 and will be confirmed subject to funding approval. 

InsideOUT #1: Cascade Funnel-Web Vivarium, 2024, Matthew Stolp

Cascade Funnel-Web Vivarium

Matthew Stolp

When: March - April 2024

Artist Statement

The now extinct, Cascade Funnel-Web was located on Muwinina land and Palawa people would have deeply understood the habitat and behaviour of this endemic arachnid. There is little documented evidence of the Cascade Funnel-Web. It was recorded by Vernon Victor Hickman in 1926 and has not been sighted since. Hickman found two spider burrows in the soft bank of a creek at Cascades. He sketched a spider, eggs and a silken funnel web.

In this family-friendly performance, watch the last remaining Cascade Funnel Web weave his home; hoping to catch food or perhaps it's a lonely attempt to attract a mate.

Performance schedule

Artist biography

Matthew Stolp is an Arts Educator, Actor, Character Performer, Screenwriter, and Visual Artist with over thirty years' experience in the creative arts. He is a Senior Secondary Art and Drama teacher and Head of Faculty for the Arts at Guilford Young College. Matthew has worked professionally for Blue Cow Theatre, the Tasmanian Theatre company, MONA, SBS and the ABC. He is the recipient of several awards for his creative work including two Tasmanian Theatre Awards for performance and design.

InsideOUT #2: PRESENT. In a particular place. Occurring now. A gift. 2024. Andy Hatton

Andy Hatton

When: June - July 2024

Artist Statement

Hardwood frames, archival inkjet prints, single channel projection. The Dorney House - Fort Nelson c1978, by architect J.H. Esmond Dorney - is widely regarded as one of Australia’s best houses. It is a humble modernist masterpiece. Significantly, the house was recently awarded international recognition by Doco MoMo, a body recognising important modernist architecture globally. In September 2023, Andy Hatton was commissioned by Paddy Dorney (son of Esmond) to begin documenting the house, it’s light, energy and environment.

PRESENT documents the feeling of dawn through to sunrise, the fall of dusk as the full moon rises. Hatton explores a deep connection to the environment that envelops this house, with subtle moments of transition, when the outside comes in, finding poetry held in all of its expansive glass.

Each moment feels significant, while collectively hinting at a larger, more elusive vision.

Artist Biography

Andy is a Manchester-born Photographer, Director and Cinematographer, based in Lutruwita / Tasmania. With a background in fine art photography, he brings a cinematic approach to his visual storytelling. His personal style crosses genres, from documentary and travel, to editorial and portraiture. He finds magic in subtlety, creating atmospheric imagery with a focus on a poetic narrative. His diverse portfolio includes collaborations with Mercedes Benz, Olympus, National Geographic and Apple.

Andy is represented by Stills