Urban Art Walls

Urban Art Walls

Vibrance 2018, artwork work shown is by Brainfoetus (@brainfoetus) in Bidencopes Lane. Photo credit: Alistair Bett

Using buildings as a canvas, Creative Hobart is making high quality urban art a celebrated part of our landscape.

The walls have been painted by experienced and emerging artists and include over 50 works completed since 2015.

The program has evolved considerably over its lifetime and now includes ongoing collaborative projects with Vibrance Festival and the establishment of a permission and regular Paint Jams in Bidencopes Lane.

If you are interested in painting or commissioning a mural, you can download a guide from our art guides page. If you are interested in exploring the city via our collection of murals, go to our brochures and maps page.

If you have further questions, please contact our Public Art team on publicart@hobartcity.com.au or call 03 6238 2494 or 03 6238 2767.