Ability to Create

The Ability to Create exhibition was born in 2013 when the City of Hobart was approached by Freddy Lee-Mount, a community member living with a disability.

Freddy was committed to an idea of celebrating the creativity and talent of all ability artists in Hobart and creating awareness in the broader community of their talents and skills. Determined to develop a project with City of Hobart staff, Freddy identified groups who create regularly and worked with them to stage a fantastic exhibition at City of Hobart’s Waterside Pavilion. Since then, the exhibition has occurred annually and grown from strength to strength in many amazing and creative ways.

Ability to Create 2019 (24-26 May 2019) saw more than 400 people attend the art exhibition at Waterside Pavilion. An array of art mediums were created under an inclusive art program. The theme was ‘Free 2 Be’ which provided a platform for creative expression in our diverse community. More than 25 participants attended the pre-event workshops and over 100 artists showcased their work.

The Ability to Create exhibitions are a platform for enhancing a sense of place, nurturing creativity, celebrating artistic excellence and, most importantly, connecting creative people.

Ability to Create Art Exhibition 2021

20-22 May
“Connect and Reimagine”

For more information regarding the 2021 exhibition, please visit the event page.

Ability to Create exhibition 2021

Ability to Create is an initiative of the City of Hobart in partnership with creative community organisations and all-ability artists. 

Man and woman laughing behind lectern with exhibition signage behind.