Sportsground bookings

Wellesley Park

The City of Hobart manages 19 sportsgrounds and sporting facilities. These are available to book for regular use during summer and winter sports seasons, and casual hire throughout the year.

The Sportsground Information Booklet provides information to the Hobart community on the procedures for use of the City's sportsgrounds and facilities, as well as frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Sportsground Information Booklet(PDF, 5MB)

Please also see the Conditions of Hire for all sportsground and facilities bookings:

Conditions of Hire(PDF, 347KB)

Casual bookings

Bookings are made through the online form:

Book online

A casual booking is required for any sport or recreational activity to take place.

This can be:

  • any additional dates or times which are outside your Seasonal Sporting Licence Agreement
  • a one-off booking.

Casual bookings must be made through an online form a minimum of 3 business days prior to the date being requested.

Sportsgrounds cannot be used without having a permit. All bookings are subject to assessment and approval. A permit will be issued if your booking application is approved.

All casual booking requests to hire one of the City's sportsgrounds (up to and including $500) will require up-front payment.

Seasonal bookings

Seasonal sportsground bookings are managed in two distinct seasons.

Summer Season Booking

City of Hobarts summer sportsground booking season runs from 1 October to 31 March.

Booking requests for the summer season are accepted strictly between 1 August to 31 August and allocations are confirmed in September.

Winter Season Booking

City of Hobarts winter sportsground booking season runs from 1 April to 30 September.

Booking requests for the winter season are accepted strictly between 1 February and 28 February and allocations are confirmed in March.

Applications for the winter season are now closed.

For any new bookings needed over the summer season please complete the casual booking form.

Amend a booking

All amendments to a confirmed sportsground date or time must be made through the online amendment form:

Amend a booking online

We require 3 business days to process a date/or time amendment, and 5 business day's notice for cancellations.

Any amendments to all approved sportsground bookings will incur a $30 upfront fee per application. This fee does not apply to cancellations.

Please be aware that all amendment requests will only be held for 24 hours, after this time, if payment has not been received, your amendment request will be void.

Cancel a booking

Any cancellation of any sportsground booking must be made through the online form:

Cancel a booking online

Any cancellation of any sportsground booking (seasonal or casual booking) requires 5 business days notice.

To get up-to-date notifications about all sportsground information, including closures, seasonal bookings, education and development opportunities, please subscribe to our mailing list:

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Why do I need to book?

Submitting an online booking request to use a City of Hobart sportsground is the only way to ensure that the space is reserved for you.

The City assesses each request to ensure that the sportsground is suitable to your needs and that the requested use will not adversely impact the sportsground or other people in the surrounding area.

It is important that you submit your online application in the timeframe specified for the City to assess and process your application.

All sportsground booking requests are subject to City of Hobart approval.

What do I need to include with my booking?

Compulsory Public Liability Insurance

All Sportsground bookings (seasonal and casual bookings) require a valid Public Liability insurance policy (minimum $20 million public liability). The value of this policy is mandatory and there is no flexibility.

Certificates of currency must be uploaded during the online booking request process.

Agree to Sportsground Conditions of Use

All bookings must agree and abide to the Conditions of Use(PDF, 347KB) when hiring one of the City's sportsground.

Pre-game inspection checklist

For all sportsground bookings it is a condition of hire that a Pre-game Sportsground Inspection Checklist(PDF, 63KB) is completed.