Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) collection


The City of Hobart's fortnightly kerbside Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service enables the removal of residential food waste and garden waste from the City’s waste stream.

The service is automatically provided to City of Hobart residential properties that have an existing green waste kerbside bin service. Residential and commercial properties that do not currently have a green waste service can still opt into the FOGO service by contacting the City of Hobart.

FOGO stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics. The introduction of FOGO means that from the 11th of November 2019, households that already have a green waste bin will be able to place food scraps as well as garden waste into their bright green lidded organics bin. From the November 11th all Green Waste bins officially become FOGO bins. Hobart City residents who don’t currently have a green waste/organics bin can request a service using our FOGO Bin Application Form(PDF, 72KB).

Using your FOGO bin

To check your collection day please select the relevant calendar Bin Calendar 1(PDF, 36KB) or Bin Calendar 2(PDF, 36KB)

You can also find out what day your FOGO is collected by using the bin collection function. Simply type in your address and search. Your next bin date will appear at the bottom of the page.

The materials that can be placed into the FOGO bin for collection are listed in the FOGO fact sheet(PDF, 192KB).

If you need to dispose of large branches and excess waste, we also provide five free entry weekends at the tip.

Adding or removing FOGO bins

If you don’t already have a FOGO bin, or you want an extra FOGO bin, you can apply for a cost of $50 per year if you are the property owner.

To request a bin, use our FOGO Bin Application Form(PDF, 72KB)

If you do not want your FOGO bin, you must fit in to one of our four criteria:

  1. Adequate home compost being utilised
  2. Financial burden
  3. Alternative kerbside service used
  4. Medical reasons

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More information

For more information about FOGO collection please see our FOGO Bin Flyer(PDF, 325KB)

phone 03 6278 0273


FOGO service request to opt-out 

We provide a FOGO collection service to stop green waste from being placed in general rubbish and ending up as landfill.

If you want to opt-out of the service, you can apply to do so based on the four eligibility criteria. Please note that one or more criteria need to be met in order to be eligible to opt-out.

If you are approved to opt-out you need to reapply by 30 June every two years. You will receive a reminder when approval is about to expire. You will not be charged for the service on your rates notice.

Eligibility criteria 

Criteria 1: The property does not produce any green waste.

Criteria 2: The financial burden of the annual service charge is too great.

Criteria 3: The property is utilising an alternative collection service that achieves the green waste related goals within the City’s Waste Management Strategy 2015–2030.

Criteria 4: Medical reasons prevent the property owner/s from presenting and retrieving the bin for collection and the City cannot offer its retrieve and replace service.

Changes to either the green waste service (i.e. to include other organic material) or to the property owner’s circumstances may cancel the approval.


You must complete the application form, and include supporting documentation for the appropriate criteria.

Applications are to be submitted for the attention of the General Manager and can be emailed to or posted to:

General Manager
City of Hobart
GPO Box 503

Download and complete the Application Form(PDF, 275KB).


Applications will first be reviewed to ensure all required documentation is included; incomplete applications will not be assessed.

Applications are assessed against the eligibility criteria and applicants will be notified of the outcome.

The General Manager, or delegate, can approve an application if satisfied that it meets one or more of the criteria.

Criteria 1: The property possesses an adequate home compost

The property owner/s must provide evidence that the property does possess an adequate home compost.

Examples may include:

  • Pictures demonstrating the home compost site and its contents; and/or
  • Demonstrated evidence that any food organics or garden organics generated by the property is composted/mulched and used on site. 

Criteria 2: The financial burden of the annual service charge is too great 

The property owner/s must hold of one of the following: 

  • Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card
  • Centrelink Health Care Card
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs 'Gold Card' endorsed with TPI or War Widow

The card holder must be legally responsible for the rates on the property. In the case of joint ownership, at least one of the owners must meet the eligibility criteria. 

Further evidence needs to be provided to support the claim that the annual charge is too great. Such evidence includes:

  • pending disconnection of essential services, e.g. water, electricity, gas (but not mobile phone or internet bills)
  • notice of impending legal action
  • letter from a charitable organisation regarding loss of employment or inability to provide basic necessities
  • bank notice, e.g. overdraft call or mortgaged property repossession
  • overdue medical bills
  • letter from a doctor verifying the inability to earn an income due to illness or caring for a sick family member
  • final notice from a school regarding payment of mandatory fees
  • funeral expenses
  • repossession notice of essential items, e.g. car, motorcycle. 

(The above is in line with assessment guidelines used by the Australian Government). 

Criteria 3: The property is utilising an alternative collection service that achieves the FOGO related goals within the City’s Waste Management Strategy 2015–2030

To satisfy this criterion, the property owner/s must demonstrate that they are paying for a service that: 

  • can remove a minimum of 240 litres of FOGO from the property on at least a fortnightly basis 
  • results in the FOGO being composted to an appropriate standard or used as garden mulch and not disposed to landfill. 

Payment to a third party provider must be continuous and may be demonstrated through provision of monthly/regular itemised tax receipts of payment to a third party green waste service provider. 

Criteria 4: Medical reasons prevent the property owner/s from presenting and retrieving the bin for collection and the City cannot offer its retrieve and replace service 

The property owner/s must provide a letter from a suitably qualified medical practitioner clearly indicating an inability to place and retrieve the bin for collection due to medical reasons.  

This will only apply where the City has assessed the property and determined that the contractor cannot provide the retrieve and replace service due to Workplace Health and Safety concerns.