City of Hobart Waste Management Strategy 2015 - 2030

The City has released a new strategy, aimed at achieving zero waste to the Hobart Landfill by 2030. The City of Hobart Waste Management Strategy 2015-2030(PDF, 3MB) includes over 90 actions across a range of areas such as organic waste, education, and litter.

The City is committed to implementing this strategy over the coming years, and will be providing programs to increase recycling and reduce waste disposal.

The Strategy can be viewed here City of Hobart Waste Management Strategy 2015-2030(PDF, 3MB).

The Strategy contains 91 actions and identifies 8 key focus areas:

  • Advocating for Change

  • Finance

  • Education and Engagement

  • Organics

  • Litter and Illegal Dumping

  • Inert Waste

  • City Waste and Innovation

  • Programs and Services