City of Hobart's Waste Reduction Statement of Commitment

City of Hobart will lead by example in reducing waste by moving to eliminate single-use plastics and other waste-producing items from its events and venues.

The Council has endorsed a Waste Reduction statement of commitment(PDF, 57KB), which prioritises sustainable principles in City of Hobart’s planning, policymaking and operations.

The statement of commitment will be applied to all Council-operated events and venues, contributing to the primary aim of achieving zero waste to landfill.

Priority actions identified under the commitment including eliminating single-use plastics at events run by Council and held on Council land or premises; phasing out of single-use plastic water bottles and improving access to free drinking water; and avoiding items such as pallet wraps, glitter, balloons and single-use promotional materials at events.

Plastic cutlery, packaging, bags, straws and cups will be replaced with compostable versions. Where consumption of single-use products is unavoidable, options to recover and recycle or reuse these products will be utilised.

City of Hobart will demonstrate further leadership by collaborating with other local governments and industries to reduce waste to landfill and encourage sustainable practices.

The statement of commitment follows on from a decision to establish a by-law banning a range of single-use plastics at takeaway food retailers.