Maxs Infinity Loop

Runner on Maxs Infinity Loop

Maxs Infinity Loop is a multi-use running, walking and cycling track set in beautiful bushland encircling the summit of Hobart's Queens Domain.

The 2000 m track was designed with a soft-fall bark surface on one half to cushion the foot fall of runners and walkers. The other half is bitumen, providing a better surface for cyclists and people with prams.

The dual-surface track is the inspiration of local running enthusiasts and named in recognition of Maxwell George Cherry OAM.

Max was an Australian athletics and fitness coach based in Hobart who dedicated many years to athletics and the training and promotion of fitness, especially for young people.

The dual-surface track includes distance markers commencing from both ends and can be used from either the Crossroads or Grassland Gully. A section of gravel track joins each end of the dual-surface track, forming the loop.

The track was known as the Domain Joggers Loop before it was resurfaced in 2019.

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