Stormwater and waterways

Water is an integral part of the culture and geography of Hobart, from the mountain water supply catchment to the Derwent Estuary boating community.

The City of Hobart owns over 339 kilometres of stormwater mains and more than 550 kilometres of other forms of stormwater assets (including kerb and gutters and dish drains). We also maintain the rivulets and creeks that run for over 60 kilometres in length. 

We clean and repair the pipes, pits and drains and upgrade or replace them as necessary. 

View a map of the City’s stormwater infrastructure

Hobart is more than 200 years old and the installation of stormwater infrastructure is relatively recent, so some parts of the city don’t have any or limited infrastructure, which can lead to properties and roads being subject to inundation or water-related nuisances. 

Many properties discharge stormwater from roofs onto the ground or into sewer pipes. This may cause problems for neighbouring properties and the sewer network. Stormwater in the sewer network may cause sewer overflows onto roads and private properties during heavy rainfall. Where properties discharge onto the ground, downhill properties can be flooded.

Request for a stormwater service connection

If your property does not have a connection into the City of Hobart's public stormwater system, you may need to connect your private stormwater to the public system.

Most properties are able to connect to the City of Hobart’s stormwater system. Connecting to the system allows for sufficient drainage to lessen soakage issues and the risk of flooding.

The connection is completed by City of Hobart officers. These officers are trained to make sure no damage occurs to the public system from the new connection.

If you would like to request the City of Hobart to provide a stormwater connection to your property (at your cost), please complete the online request form.

There is increasing public awareness of the natural values of waterways, and the need to keep them free from contamination. Any new or existing developments need to be reviewed to take into account the health of waterways and the River Derwent. 

The City of Hobart’s ongoing Master Drainage Schemes, Catchment Management Plans and Asset Management Plans are guided by our Stormwater Strategy

The City’s stormwater and waterways assets are listed with Dial Before you Dig or telephone 1100 during business hours). 

To report any faults or emergencies, or if you have any general queries relating to water and sewerage systems, please contact TasWater on telephone 13MYWATER (136 992) or via email to