Positive Ageing Strategy

The City of Hobart recognises the opportunities and challenges of an ageing population. We have reviewed our Positive Ageing Strategy to support and encourage the continuing participation of older people in the Hobart community.

Positive ageing embraces the notion that individuals have opportunities and choices enabling them to maximise independence and control over their lives. The positive ageing approach focuses on an individual's quality of life and encourages continuing participation in all aspects of community life.

The City of Hobart's first Positive Ageing Strategy was released in 2002 and was valid for a five year period. During this period we developed and provided an extensive range of programs and activities for older people in the Hobart municipal area and attended to issues such as physical access to the built environment and safety and security within the municipal area.

Our major focus in the area of positive ageing has been Mathers House, which provides a resource for older people promoting friendship, social connectedness and interaction. Achievements and activities associated with our first Positive Ageing Strategy are outlined in the City of Hobart's annual reports.

In developing the Positive Ageing Strategy 2014 - 2019, we consulted extensively with older people, service providers, patrons of Mathers House, state government representatives and other key people who provide services and activities for older people in the Hobart municipal area.

City of Hobart Positive Ageing Strategy 2014-2019(PDF, 823KB)