Capital City Strategic Plan 2019-29

A four-year review of the Capital City Strategic Plan 2015-25 started in September 2018 which led to the development of a new strategic plan. While the review was required by the Local Government Act it was also an opportunity to respond to the community vision, Hobart: A community vision for our island capital. The community vision was created following the City’s most participatory consultation process with over 1100 contributions made which culminated with a Community Panel that used the feedback collected throughout the process, as well as information from 59 subject matter experts, to draft a vision statement, identity statement and outcomes across eight pillars, or areas of focus for city life. 

The community vision tells the City what community members and stakeholders love about Hobart, what they value and what their aspirations are for Hobart and the region. 

In response to the community’s vision the City of Hobart made a number of commitments including using the vision to develop the City’s strategic planning and demonstrating long-term commitment to and strong governance of the vision.

The Capital City Strategic Plan 2019-29 at a glance(PDF, 52KB)

The Capital City Strategic Plan 2019-29(PDF, 8MB) is a partner document to the community vision and brings the aspirations of the vision into action over the next 10 years while responding to the major challenges we face now and into the future. The Plan includes many highlights that have strengthened the 2015-25 Strategic Plan, including a strong focus on sense of place and working towards shared goals with Tasmanian Aboriginal people, heritage and culture, strategies on housing affordability and homelessness, sections on infrastructure and good governance and much more.

The Strategic Plan is the City of Hobart’s primary planning document and underpins the Planning and Reporting Framework. The Plan is a partner document to the community vision and will be used to guide the City’s work, develop long-term strategies and plans, set priorities and guide practical decision-making. 

The City of Hobart has a lead role in the implementation of this Plan but achievement of the outcomes is reliant on working in partnership and collaboration with all levels of government, business, community groups and organisations and others.