Engineering standards and guidelines

All building and development works undertaken in the Hobart municipality must be to the City of Hobart’s standards. These standards and guidelines ensure works are safe and sustainable. 

Where standards are not listed, builders and developers should refer to an appropriate Australian Standard or guideline. 

Soil and water management plans (SWMP)

We are partners in the Derwent Estuary Program and have adopted the use of the fact sheets on building and construction sites

Waste management plans

We encourage the appropriate reuse of resources from building and development. See the Ten top tips for minimising your waste and saving money in the process(PDF, 247KB)


Signs located over the highway reservation must have minimum clearances as follows:

  • 2.4 metres from the underside vertically above footpath level

  • 0.6 metres from its outer edge horizontally behind face of kerbline.