Street Tree Strategy

Hobart Streetscape - Street Trees.JPG

The City of Hobart endorsed a Hobart Street Tree Strategy Plan on 24 July 2017. The plan was developed after an audit of street trees and maintenance practises. The plan also included community consultation and a review of contemporary research.

The strategy recommends the development of new policy guidelines, including a five year plan, which involves priority planting of new trees.

The Street Tree Strategy acknowledges that the City’s street trees are:

  • A valued contributor to the image and liveability of our City
  • Managed as living assets within a framework of policies, procedures and funding
  • Planned for, designed, installed and managed using best contemporary practise
  • Maintained and protected
  • A shared responsibility involving the City of Hobart, other agencies and the community.

City of Hobart Street Tree Strategy(PDF, 4MB)