Fern Tree Playground

A local park and playground in Fern Tree Park, an access point to the Pipeline Track and numerous walking and cycling tracks in the area.

Fern Tree Park is one of the primary places through which visitors and locals access Wellington Park. 

A public review of facilities including tracks, toilets, picnic tables, barbeques, play equipment and shelters took place in 2016.

In May 2017, following community wide engagement and feedback, the Council endorsed the Fern Tree Park Visitor Node Master Plan.

Planning and detail design for the implementation of the Master Plan is now underway, with works scheduled to be undertaken through 2017-2019.

Figure 5.4 of the Master Plan - Park Entry Concept:

Final-Fern-Tree-Parks-Visitor-Node-Master-Plan - Figure 5.4 Park Entry Concept.jpg


Figure 5.3 of the Masterplan - Church Entry Concept:



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