Golden Secateurs and Trackcare Legend awards


Every year the City of Hobart recognises an outstanding Bushcare volunteer who has made a positive and lasting contribution to the conservation of Hobart’s bushland reserves and who inspires others to do the same.

These conservation heroes are given a Bushcare Legend Golden Secateurs Award and go into our Golden Secateurs Hall of Fame.

Outstanding efforts from Trackcare volunteers are recognised through the annual Legend Award.

2021 award winners

It was a delight to honour Vicki Martin, pictured, with the 2021 Golden Secateurs Award. Vicki has for years been the backbone of the Valley Street Bushcare group, which she saved from disappearing.

When Valley Street Bushcare fell into decline and was under threat of disbanding, Vicki pounded the pavement, letterboxing surrounding streets to keep the Bushcare group alive.

She found Debbie Chung, and the two now hook up fortnightly in the Leonard Wall Valley Street Reserve where they combat the tide of forget-me-nots and other weeds.

“Our reserve, we want it for our native wildlife,” Vicki says. “When the forget-me-nots grow, the grass doesn’t and there’s nothing there for the wallabies.”

Our Trackcare Legend Award went to Petr Otahal, who works like a Trojan at every Trackcare Dig Day he attends.

A keen mountain biker, Petr has brought a well-rounded perspective to the Trackcare team, benefiting all involved, particularly the local riding community, which has gained from improved access and riding experiences on trails across Hobart.

A regular presence at Trackcare working bees, Petr has become an integral member of the team, even passing on his passion by getting his children involved as well.

Nominations for the 2022 legend are now open and must include: 

  • how the Bushcare volunteer has made a positive and lasting impact on Hobart’s bushland 
  • how they have inspired others to contribute to caring for Hobart’s bushland. 

Nominations can be emailed to or posted to Bushcare GPO Box 503, Hobart 7001 and must be submitted by Monday 31 October, 5 pm. 

About the awards

The awards began in 2008 and our first Golden Secateurs Legend was Antony Ault, a stalwart of the Friends of Knocklofty Bushcare group who was recognised for his role in helping to rid Knocklofty Reserve of gorse and other environmental weeds.

Antony has always been meticulous about documenting the work carried out at Knocklofty Reserve, a skill now considered best practice for managing the health of our bushland reserves.

Bushcare will always be deeply grateful for the work of its Bushcare Legends.

Golden Secateurs award winners

2021 - Vicki Martin

2020 –  Namkheang (Bryan) Ly  

2019 – Rodney Arnold 

2018 – Janet Stone

2017 – Gavin Wright

2016 – Astrid Wright

2015 – Ingrid Colman

2014 – Greg Summers

2013 – Andrew Hingston

2012 – Greg Kidd

2011 – Sue Gillespie

2010 – Peter Franklin

2009 – Sue Drake

2008 – Antony Ault


Trackcare Legend award winners

2021 - Petr Otahal

2020 – The Johnston family

2019 – Jeff Thomas