Julie Gough, BREATHING SPACE, 2021. With construction by Stuart Houghton. Timber, poster (digital).

Download the high-resolution poster: BREATHING SPACE(PDF, 177MB)

Artist statement

Encased, crated and covered, the statue of William Lodewyk Crowther and its laudatory plaque is finally, albeit temporarily, removed from view. The man was monstrous. His legacy is Aboriginal grieving, that still persists in his and his progenies wake; infamously efficient body-snatchers much celebrated by the citizens of Hobart. Let us use this time as relief, protected from his arrogant gaze, yet realize we don't need to see the face of evil to know it is always there, haunting and testing the measure of society.

Artist bio

Julie Gough is an Aboriginal woman from the Briggs-Johnson-Gower family of northern Lutruwita/Tasmania. She is an artist who interrogates colonial history on Aboriginal Country, and a curator of First Peoples Art and Culture at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.


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