Become a Bandicoot Buddy


By taking the pledge and signing up as a Bandicoot Buddy you and your family will be helping to protect and provide food and shelter for Hobart’s endangered eastern barred bandicoots.

You’ll also be sent a special Bandicoot Buddies info pack, with beautiful stickers you can put on your letterbox to help spread the word Hobart’s bandicoots need our help, and receive our digital magazine the Bandicoot Times four times a year.

Bandicoot Buddies help monitor the health of Hobart’s eastern barred bandicoot populations by joining our special iNaturalist project.

Bandicoot Buddies sign a pledge to do their very best to help keep our eastern barred bandicoots safe by:

  • Keeping pet dogs and cats contained, especially at night and away from bandicoot habitat in your garden.
  • If walking your dog in bushland reserves, keeping your dog on-lead. In an off-lead area, please don’t let your dog wonder into the bush. Use an extender lead to safely extend your dog’s range.
  • Learning how to create and maintain wildlife habitat in your garden, including planting native species that provide food and shelter for bandicoots.