Mobile food businesses and food trucks

Mobile food businesses and food trucks

There are two types of food businesses - fixed in location (cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, take-away shops) and mobile food businesses (food vans and temporary food stalls).

If you intend to operate a food stall or food van regularly in the Hobart municipal area you may be eligible for a Mobile Food Business Registration.

The registration will be issued by the City of Hobart where the equipment and materials for the food business are stored when not in use, or the garaged address for a food van.

If you live in the Hobart region, please complete the online food business application form:

Apply online

A printable form is available on our forms page.

If you live outside the Hobart area please contact the relevant Council.

Please note: to participate in the Food Truck Program, you must also apply below.

You must ensure that you are in compliance with the Guidelines for Mobile Food Businesses(PDF, 5MB) at all times while operating.

Food Truck Program

The Hobart Food Truck Program allows vendors to trade throughout the Hobart local government area to contribute to our food scene.

The program provides parameters within which the community can enjoy the economic, social and cultural benefits of mobile food vending.

In running the Food Truck Program, the City aims to ensure that the program runs alongside of and complements hospitality across Hobart.

The Hobart Food Truck Program enables vendors to trade at least 50 metres or more away from an existing food and beverage business or public event. There are several no-go zones across Hobart where vendors are not permitted to trade.

Current food trucks

The following businesses are currently trading as part of our City of Hobart Food Truck Program. If you see them on the streets, stop by for something delicious to eat!

Food trucks

*Denotes trucks also trading on a rotating schedule at the Salamanca Plaza late night roster between 10.30 pm and 2.30 am Friday and Saturday nights.


Food Truck Program Guidelines(PDF, 3MB)

Join the program

Road-registered food vans, mobile food trailers, push carts and tricycles are welcome to apply to be a part of the program.

There are two permit types available – annual permit or a 3-month permit.

We strongly suggest you call 03 6238 2890 to speak with someone from the City of Hobart Events and Activations team about the program before lodging an application, particularly if you are interested in trading as part of the Salamanca Plaza roster.

Apply now

Please allow five business days for your application to be processed, potentially longer if we need to contact you for further details.

Please note: to participate in the Food Truck Program, you must have a valid Mobile Food Business Registration (see the top of this page for more information).

The current fees for food truck permits can be found on the fees and charges page.

Registration of a food business

Have you registered your food business with the City of Hobart?

Information on how to register your food business and other helpful information can be found on our food and beverage businesses page, including the Tasmanian Government's Guidelines for Mobile Food Businesses(PDF, 5MB).


03 6238 2890