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Dog Exercise Areas

The City of Hobart provides dogs and their owners many locations to exercise on and off lead.

Exercise helps to relieve boredom and release the pent-up energy of dogs confined to home. Regular exercise, whether on or off lead may reduce incidents of nuisance behaviour such as uncontrolled barking and destructive behaviours.

There are various categories of dog exercise areas within Hobart. As well as off lead areas there are also on lead and restricted (either time restricted or in the case of sports fields, activity restricted) areas. There are also a number of areas that dogs are prohibited from, and if observed in these areas by an Animal Management Officer as the owner or person in charge of the dog, you could incur an infringement notice. Likewise if your dog is off a lead in a designated on lead area you could incur an infringement notice for non-compliance.

For a comprehensive listing and maps of all off and on lead, restricted and prohibited areas view the Hobart City Council Dog Exercise Area maps.

In accordance with the Dog Control Act 2000 there are certain points that you should remember when walking your dog, such as:

  • When in a designated off lead area, dogs must remain under effective control of the owner, or person in charge of the dog at all times;
  • If your dog fouls in a public place you are required to pick up after your dog. Council provides dog tidy bags in the majority of parks in its municipal area to dispose of your dog's waste - so please use them. If there are not any available carry your own plastic bag to clean up the waste.
  • Dogs must remain on lead at all times when on a road or road related area within the municipality of Hobart, this includes footpaths and nature strips.
  • Restricted breeds and dogs declared dangerous in accordance with the Dog Control Act 2000 remain subject to the relevant conditions defined in the Act even when in an off lead exercise area.
  • You are not permitted to walk more than two dogs at a time on a footpath.

For further information regarding dog exercise areas within the Hobart municipal area contact the Animal Management Unit on 6238 2182.

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